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Stranger Lights was an IoT project that ran from October 29th to November 4th. It allowed anyone to send a short message that got displayed on a alphabet board similar to that seen in popular Netflix show Stranger Things. The board was located on BU's campus, and received a lot of enthusiastic feedback.

Source code:

Build log to come soon.

Stand in (location), and look (towards the display).

You're in the upside-down, on the other side. You need to get out. Send a message for help, it will be displayed in the living world.

The portal only lets through letters and spaces.

What others have said

Message Status Submitted at (EST)
Hello worldJust shown19:41:42 - Oct 29
Im hereJust shown20:16:36 - Nov 02
RunJust shown20:25:33 - Nov 02
Goodnight sweet princeTo be shown17:33:19 - Nov 04

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